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World Bank Group History: Exploring the Archives

World Bank Group

Since opening its doors in 1946, the World Bank has evolved from an institution dedicated to post-World War II reconstruction, to one that focuses on poverty alleviation, policy and institutional reform, social development, development research, and shared prosperity. The records preserved and made available by the World Bank Group Archives provide evidence of this evolution and of the role the Bank played in the economic and social development of member countries.

The World Bank Group Archives together with the Development Economics Vice Presidency (DECVP) have produced a short video that surveys the course of the World Bank’s history while introducing the various types of records that can be found in the Archives’ holdings.

The archival records displayed in this video are preserved, managed, and made available by the World Bank Group Archives. If you are interested in these or other Bank records, view our list of Finding Aids and then submit a request through our Access to Information page. You can also view lists of project records through the Bank’s Projects and Operations portal or access declassified Bank reports through our Documents & Reports database. Oral histories of former Bank staff are also searchable through Documents & Reports or at the Archives’ Oral History page.


Video Content Credits  
Shiri Alon   
Russell Buhr     
Tonya Ceesay
Tim Jorgensen
Leif Kopietz
Chandra Kumar
Barbara Murek
Reena Shrestha
Sherrine Thompson
Bertha Wilson                                                      

Concept and Script
David Clingman
Jean Jacques Dethier
Elisa Liberatori Prati
April Miller
Irina Mishurny-Santini
Trudy Peterson