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ABCs of IDA—Thematic and Country Results

For more than 50 years, the International Development Association (IDA), the World Bank’s fund for the poorest, has taken on the most difficult and complex challenges. One of the largest sources of development finance, IDA provides support for health, education, infrastructure, agriculture, economic, and institutional development to the world’s poorest countries—half of which are in Africa.

With IDA’s help, hundreds of millions of people have escaped poverty—through the creation of jobs, access to clean water, schools, roads, nutrition, electricity, and more. During the past decade, IDA funding immunized nearly half a billion children, provided access to better water sources for 123 million people, and helped 65 million people receive health services.

Learn more about what IDA has achieved—explore our core "ABCs" of IDA results, as well as ABCs on Africa, gender, conflict and fragility, climate change, and institutional strengthening.