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Accelerating growth
in Africa

The World Bank is the largest provider of development assistance to Africa. Thirty-nine of the world’s poorest countries are found on the continent, and almost 50% of IDA funds are disbursed there. In the last five years, the Bank and its partners have increased their commitments to Africa to fight poverty, boost economic growth and lessen the impact of the economic, food and fuel crises.

  • Results
  • 66 million Africans have received new electricity since 1997.
  • 240,000 kilometers of African roads have been built, rehabilitated or maintained in the last 8 years.
  • 15 million more African children are enrolled in school, as compared to 2002.
AFRICA Profiles
School Feeding Program Improves Access to Education


School Feeding Program Improves Access to Education

In Mauritania, a school feeding program has helped lighten the food burden on rural households while emphasizing the importance of education.

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Zambia Combats Malaria-related Deaths


Zambia Combats Malaria-related Deaths

Malian producers are reaping greater returns on crops like mangoes. Stronger supply chains have resulted in increased market share and improved pricing.

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