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Program of Seminars
Setting the Agenda for Global Growth and Development on the Eve of the Millenium

The 1999 Program of Seminars will feature more than 30 interactive sessions* and will provide a timely opportunity for key players in the fields of international business, finance and development to examine critical issues facing the world economy on the eve of the millennium and to discuss their visions for new directions, challenges and policy prescriptions. The Program will be organized around four global issue areas:

International Financial Architecture
The growing global consensus on the need for good governance and greater transparency; proposals for better monitoring and regulation of capital flows; managing currency developments; the social implications of the new global transactional machinery; public-private burden-sharing in financial crises; and the impact of globalization on fiscal policies.

Civil Society, the Market, and the State in the Global Economy
The relationship among these three pillars in light of increased political participation and community involvement in development decision-making; the resilience of the national governments in response to powerful competing trends towards globalism, regionalism and decentralization; the impact of urbanization, migration, and other demographic changes, and of the growing demands for human rights, and corporate responsibility.

Global Connectivity
The transforming role of information and technology in promoting social, political and economic change; the impact on the structure of business and industry, competition, trade, labor, education and the delivery of goods and services.

Making the Global Economy Work for Everyone
The likelihood of success in addressing the major development challenges such as poverty, gender, HIV/AIDS, universal access to basic social services, local capacity-building, debt relief, environmental degradation and sustainability; issues surrounding public-private partnerships and competitive advantage; private sector's role in reconstructing post-war and post-financial crisis societies.

Country & Regional Seminars
These sessions provide potential investors with unique access to policymakers and insights into the business environment of key countries and regions undergoing fundamental change.

* Preliminary program - topics subject to change

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