#ItsPossible to #EndPoverty Together

Do you believe we can end extreme poverty by 2030? #ItsPossible if we invest in people, support growth and the private sector, and build resilience to shocks.


Together we can build momentum to #EndPoverty and promote prosperity for all. Want to get involved in our campaigns, events, and social media challenges in the coming months? Join others who also believe that #ItsPossible to end poverty, if we all work together. 

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With the World Bank, #ItsPossible

Created to rebuild war-torn Europe, the World Bank has taken on global challenges by bringing partners together. We don’t just see poverty, we see possibility.



Artists from around the globe share their music and passion for development issues on the World Bank stage.


Join our #Loop4Dev Boomerang challenge!

Show us what makes a city a great place for its people. With your help, we can raise awareness of the goal to end extreme poverty by 2030, and how cities can be a major driver in achieving that.


Mission: #ItsPossible Facebook Live series

Watch LIVE as we discuss with influencers from around the world what it will take to #EndPoverty.