The Jobs Group: Creating More, Better and Inclusive Jobs

May 1, 2015


The Jobs Group - a cross-cutting solution area (CCSA) was established to help address the jobs challenge by building on and operationalizing the 2013 WDR on Jobs and the IFC Jobs Study.

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  • To help design and deliver comprehensive, integrated and high-impact jobs strategies that involve all relevant sectors in our client countries.
  • To advance global knowledge about the most effective policies and actions for sustainable jobs (with a focus on the bottom 40 percent of income earners and vulnerable groups such as women and youth).


We are a joint team of World Bank and IFC staff who work across regions, balancing economic sector and operational work. Our small core team brings together senior-level technical specialists, with world–class expertise and extensive operational experience. These specialists participate in analytic or lending activities, usually led by the global practices and focus on identifying multi-sector interventions that address the main constraints to job creation, labor productivity growth, or access to jobs.

To achieve our goals we leverage technical and operational expertise from within and outside the Bank. We work with assigned Jobs Leads in the Global Practices (GPs) and Program Leads with jobs responsibilities in country teams to reach across sectoral silos andlink together the public and the private parts of the institution.

We also convene and chair the Jobs Advisory Board which is made up of recognized thought-leaders from all the GPs & CCSAs, DEC, IFC, with representatives from the Regions. This crosssectoral forum is a bridge between the Jobs Group and the practices and Regions, and is a center to which GPs and Regions can bring their specific jobs challenges; share knowledge and learn from a Bank-wide team of experts. We also continuously engage a thriving community of jobs affiliates across the World Bank Group.

In order to support the design and implementation of the World Bank Group’s jobs strategy, an Umbrella Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) on Jobs was created seeking to extend the frontiers of global knowledge in the area of jobs. The Umbrella MDTF will ensure a more strategic and disciplined approach to resource mobilization and utilization that is expected to increase development effectiveness, cost efficiency, accountability and transparency of the jobs related World Bank Group (WBG) trust funds.

The Trust Fund has five Windows which respond to business needs of different groups—Regions, Global Practices, Cross Cutting Solution Areas and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

  1. Jobs data Diagnostics, Strategies and Operations
  2. Jobs Creation through the Private Sector
  3. Let’s Work global partnership
  4. Jobs for Youth
  5. Jobs in Fragile and Conflict countries
  6. Actionable Research on Jobs

The Jobs Group is one of the five cross-cutting solution areas (CCSAs) which share accountability with the Global Practices (GPs) for the following agreed corporate priorities: Climate Change; Gender; Fragility Conflict and Violence; Public-Private Partnerships and Jobs. The CCSAs, which are multi-sectoral—have shared accountability for these topic areas with the GPs, working with relevant GPs to deliver operational solutions based on global evidence.


Our work is organized around 4 pillars, underpinned by a gender focus and understanding that Job opportunities and constraints facing men and women are different.

  1. Data, Model and Tools — expanding access to data and develop new instruments to analyze and understand jobs challenges, and measure the impact of investments on jobs
  2. Evaluations — mapping and understanding the portfolio of jobsrelated interventions across countries and building the evidence in terms of what policies and programs work to address specific problems
  3. Country Engagements
  4. Knowledge

We are currently involved in 20 countries and are able to bring lessons of experience from one geographic region to another, so that we can respond with what we know works in certain country contexts. For example in Kazakhstan we are working with the Education, Social Protection, T&C, and Transport GPs to develop a multi-year jobs strategy and lending operations on skills and jobs. 

An important way to influence the jobs agenda is through Systematic Country Diagnostics (SCD) and Country Partnership Framework (CPF) processes. We have, for instance, developed the jobs strategy of the SCDs in Tunisia and Lebanon and have plans to support others in the coming months. 

Because we are a small core team, we have to be selective and target our efforts on the key themes within the jobs challenge that we know are insufficiently understood. The four focus areas, all underpinned by a gender analysis-are:

  • Informality
  • Fragility, Conflict and Violence
  • Urbanization
  • Technology


Nigel Twose
Senior Director

Mary Hallward-Driemeier
Senior Principal Economist and Manager

David Robalino
Manager and Lead Economist

Thoko Moyo
Communications Lead