Youth and the World Bank Group

What can you do to end poverty? The World Bank Group wants to empower young people and together contribute to its twin goals: ending poverty and investing in opportunity.

  • Freelance art director and photographer, Khloud Hassan (right) looks at pictures with Yomna Mandouh in Studio 360 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on May 12, 2017. Khloud is member of online business network, named Nabbesh that helps freelancers like Khloud find work. © Dominic Chavez/ International Finance Corporation

    Disrupting the Gender Divide

    Across developing countries, women-owned small and medium enterprises and face significant hurdles to starting and growing their businesses. How technology-driven online platforms can facilitate access for women entrepreneurs? Watch the replay of this event.
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    Video Competition

    We have partnered with Sony Pictures to launch The Picture This Festival for the Planet, a video competition looking for short films that encourage viewers to make a difference. The submission period closes April 30, 2018.