SIEF Media Coverage


  • Media coverage of impact evaluations, the evidence generated and the relevance for successful development is an important route for helping promote programs and policies that made a difference.

MALI: Impact and cost effectiveness of an integrated parenting, nutrition and malaria prevention package in Mali

PAKISTAN: Investing in the Education Market: Strengthening Private Schools for the Rural Poor

GUATEMALA: SIEF impact evaluation workshop in Guatemala (April 4-6, 2017)

KENYA: Early Childhood Education Project

Coverage of Early Childhood Intervention Program

BULGARIA: Bulgarian media covers the Roma preschool program impact evaluation

BANGLADESH: Impact of Low-Cost In-Line Chlorination Systems in Urban Dhaka on Water Quality and Child Health

PHILIPPINES: Coverage of conditional cash transfer (CCT) program “Pantawid Pamilya”

LIBERIA: Using Employment to Deter Crime 

COTE D'IVOIRE: Workshop TV Coverage

JAMAICA: Can Early Play Lead to Long-Term Employment Gains? Coverage of a SIEF-supported impact evaluation

Interview with Professor Paul Gertler »

MEXICO: Evaluating the Impact on Low-income Children and Families’ Access to a Private Comprehensive Schooling Model: Experimental Evidence from Mexico

BRAZIL: Using Teacher Feedback Program to Improve Learning: A SIEF-supported Impact Evaluation in Brazil

INDIA: Coverage of Poor Sanitation and Child Malnutrition

BANGLADESH: Coverage of the 2014 Impact Evaluation Workshop

BANGLADESH: Early Childhood Stimulation and Its Impacts

UGANDA: Coverage of the Youth Opportunities Program (2008 - 2012)

SENEGAL: Coverage of the 2013 Impact Evaluation Workshop

COLOMBIA: The Medium Term Effects of a Home-based Early Childhood Development Intervention in Colombia