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Edivaldo Apinaje, a health agent from the Apinaje tribe in Tocantins, Brazil, shows a cashew fruit sprouting on a tree branch. © Mariana Kaipper Ceratti/World Bank
Forest-dependent communities are among the most marginalized in the world. Deforestation has an impact on both their surroundings and their livelihoods. A new grant program puts design and funding decisions for projects that fight forest loss in the hands of indigenous peoples and local communities, starting in Brazil.Read More »

A woman sells food in a market in Cambodia. © Masaru Goto/World Bank
Join an online discussion with World Bank Group experts about global food safety, highlighting best practices across the world, through April 6.




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© Sergii Grytsenko
Europe and Central Asia
Project helps forest managers fight illegal activities in the sector, and preserve ecosystem and economy.

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