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Moldovan Citizens Do a Lot with a Little

The e-kiosk in Orhei municipality allows citizens to contact local representatives like deputy mayor Alexandru Ivanov.

Through Orhei's e-kiosk, citizens can more easily access public services and information on requirements for licenses and other government documents.

Ina Negruta, Director of the NGO AsproAgro, bought Orhei's e-kiosk with support from a World Bank Civil Society grant.

Garbage in Straseni pollutes the city and surroundings.

Chemicals from highly polluted areas in Straseni seep into the river, which farmers use as a source of water and irrigation.

To encourage Straseni's local authorities to clean up their environment, an NGO used its World Bank grant to map pollution and develop an interactive website.

Produce at the Straseni market is grown in polluted areas. Pressure on local authorities to remedy the situation is weak.

Students in Chisinau use laptops to access resources like those offered by http://biblionline.md, an educational website developed by NGO Captes.

The online library is the first of its kind in Moldova, and is available to students, teachers and parents.


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November 26, 2012