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  • Emergency Crisis Recovery Project
    The project will improve the transport connectivity and safety on the targeted section of the transport corridor between Aden and Taiz. It has two components. (1) Highway construction of civil works for the construction of a sub-section (55 km) of a 4-lane double carriageway highway between Aden and Noubat Dokaim. (2) Institutional support and strengthening for Saada - Aden Yemen International Corridor Highway Program.  Read More »
  • MENA Quarterly Economic Brief, July 2014
    This issue assesses the macroeconomic performance of seven of the MENA countries including Yemen. All of these countries experienced rapid economic growth during 2000-10, and suffered a sharp economic slowdown in the aftermath of 2011. The brief focuses on the challenges facing these countries and at the consequences of the growth slowdown. Read More »
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Asad Alam
Country Director Egypt, Yemen and Djibouti
Sandra Bloemenkamp
Country Manager, Yemen
Voices and Views: Middle East and North Africa
With new challenges arising in the Arab world ranging from governance to employment, this blog invites you to join the conversation on these timely issues and more.
A collection of videos illustrating the variety of World Bank projects in the region.
Mapping for Results
This site helps visualize locations of Bank-financed projects in Yemen so that development impact can be more transparent and better monitored.
Open Data
What does Open Data mean? This site provides users with access to Bank data that is easy to find and use. Check Yemen datasets and indicators.
Results Stories
Want to know more about the impact of development? Explore our results stories chronicling project results in the Middle East and North Africa.
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