Doing business 2016 : measuring regulatory quality and efficiency - Russian Federation

    Oct 01, 2015
    This economy profile for Doing Business 2016 presents the 11 Doing Business indicators for Russian Federation. To allow for useful comparison, the profile also provides data for other selected economies...

    Promoting active aging in Russia : working longer and more productively

    Levin,Victoria  |  Sep 12, 2015
    A shrinking working-age population will be the Russian Federation's biggest demographic challenge in coming decades. With workers increasingly scarce, sustainable future economic development depends on Russia's...

    Family policies in Russia : could efforts to raise fertility rates slow population aging?

    Elizarov,Valeriy, Levin,Victoria  |  Sep 12, 2015
    Policymakers in many countries, including the Russian Federation, are attempting to encourage fertility as part of their response to the challenge of population aging. Whether pro-natalist policies will be...

    State of adult education in Russia : ensuring that older workers can acquire skills for the future

    Nellemann,Soren, Podolskiy,Oleg, Levin,Victoria  |  Sep 12, 2015
    The aging of the Russian population and the rapid shrinking of its labor force in coming decades will make the human capital each worker contributes increasingly vital for sustaining economic output and growth....

    Searching for a new silver age in Russia : the drivers and impacts of population aging - overview report

    Hansl,Birgit, Levin,Victoria, Shaw,William  |  Sep 01, 2015
    Russia’s population is expected to age significantly over the next few decades. The coming decline in Russia’s working-age population will pose serious social and economic challenges, but it can also open up ...

    Russia monthly economic developments

    Hansl,Birgit, Baffes,John, Emelyanova,Olga, Matytsin,Mikhail, Ulatov,Sergei, Vashakmadze,Ekaterine T.  |  Aug 14, 2015
    Russia’s economy contracted 4.6 percent in the second quarter, year-on-year, after a 2.2 percent contraction in the first quarter, but in June the pace of contraction slowed. Russia’s second quarter balance of ...

    Russia - Monthly economic developments

    Hans, Birgit, Baffes,John, Emelyanova,Olga, Ulatov,Sergei, Vashakmadze,Ekaterine T.  |  Jul 01, 2015
    In June, the European Council extended EU economic sanctions against Russia for another six months while Russia extended its food import ban against Western countries for a year. A fluid situation on global...

    Russian Federation - A sector assessment : broadband in Russia

    Gelvanovska,Natalija, Hohlov,Yuri, Maciule,Vaiva, Rossotto,Carlo Maria, Shaposhnik, Sergei  |  Jan 01, 2015
    It is widely recognized that broadband is of fundamental importance to the social and economic development of a nation. The focus of the paper is on infrastructure-related actions; measures to stimulate demand ...

    READ trust fund report 2008-2015

    Gardner,Emily Elaine, Clarke,Margaret M.  |  Jan 01, 2015
    Established in October 2008, the Russia Education Aid for Development (READ) program has been a collaboration of the Government of the Russian Federation and the World Bank that focuses on improving education ...

    Opportunities and strategies for mainstreaming open data in transport projects in St. Petersburg : transport and ICT global practice

    Oh,Jung Eun, Ivanova,Anna Leonidovna, Kuznetsova Morrison,Alla V., Petrov,Oleg V., Stott,Andrew Charles, Vlasov,Vitaly, Wong,James  |  Dec 01, 2014
    The World Bank conducted this study of the potential for Open Transport Data in St. Petersburg as part of the preparations for the Improvement of Urban Transport Systems Project in Russia. It is principally ...
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Searching for a new silver age in Russia: the drivers and impacts of population aging - overview report

A new report examines the past and future demographic changes in Russia, the possible macroeconomic impacts of aging, and the potential compensating forces of higher labor force participation and productivity, better health and adult education, and more comprehensive family policies.


Birgit Hansl

Program Leader and Lead Economist for the Russian Federation


Open Data for Economic Growth in Russia

The report reviews the latest data about companies using open data, and highlights four companies which did not exist ten years ago, which are driven by open data, and which are each now valued at around $1 billion or more.