Zamir Iqbal

Head of the World Bank Global Islamic Finance Development Center, Finance & Markets

Lead Financial Sector Specialist at the Finance and Markets Global Practice of the World Bank. He heads the World Bank Global Islamic Finance Development Center in Istanbul. He has more than 25 years of experience of risk management, capital markets, and asset management at the World Bank Treasury. Islamic finance is his research focus and he has co-authored several articles and books on Islamic finance on the topics of banking risk, financial inclusion, economic development, financial stability, and risk-sharing. His co-edited book, "Economic Development and Islamic Finance" was published by the World Bank in 2013. He earned his Ph. D. in international finance from the George Washington University and serves as Professional faculty at Carey Business School of Johns Hopkins University.

The World Bank Global Islamic Finance Development Center, Istanbul, Turkey

Islamic Finance Development Center was opened on October 31, 2013 by President Kim. The Center serves as a Knowledge Hub from where the Bank generates and disseminates practical knowledge on how to make Islamic finance more relevant for growth and development. The Center also contributes to the design and delivery of technical assistance and advisory services on Islamic finance in Bank client countries. The Center focuses mainly on research and analytical work to generate knowledge on various aspects of Islamic finance, particularly how Shariah-compliant financing instruments can support inclusive growth and poverty reduction in our client countries. It also organizes workshops, conferences and seminars to disseminate research findings and to catalyze debate amongst various stakeholders in the industry.

Finance & Markets Global Practice, World Bank Group
Washington, D.C.


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