Sudarshan Gooptu

Sector Manager, Macroeconomics & Fiscal Management

Sudarshan Gooptu is an open-economy Macroeconomist with over 25 years experience in the World Bank. Currently he is the Sector Manager who oversees the unit that implements the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries and Multilateral Debt Relief initiatives (HIPC/MDRI), provides debt management technical assistance, sets debt policy jointly with the IMF (such as the Debt Sustainability Framework for low-income countries). The unit also oversees the World Bank’s multi-donor Debt Management Facility (DMF) for low-income countries (which provides debt management technical assistance and capacity building services), and the Debt Reduction Facility (which undertakes discounted buybacks of commercial debt of heavily indebted poor countries). The unit also provides support to World Bank country economists to monitor and analyze macro-vulnerabilities in developing countries, and conduct fiscal sustainability analyses and growth analytics for client country governments, and deliver associated technical assistance. At the World Bank, Dr. Gooptu has held several operational positions as a macroeconomist in the Bank’s Africa, and East Asia and Pacific Regional Vice-Presidencies (including a field assignment in the World Bank's office in Ethiopia). He has worked on emerging markets' sovereign debt buyback and restructuring operations; and conducted policy-oriented economic research on portfolio flows and foreign direct investment in emerging markets. Immediately prior to becoming a Sector Manager in 2008, he was the Bank’s Lead Economist for China and Mongolia at its Headquarters in Washington, DC where he was the lead author of an influential report on the revitalization of China's North East provinces, and another that undertook the first Growth Diagnostics in Mongolia. He has led and participated in a full range of activities and operational products in the World Bank, from budget support lending operations to core economic reports, policy and technical papers, and technical assistance services. He has Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A. with a dissertation on the Mexican Debt crisis that later was published as a book by Preager (see list of selected publications below).

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