Paramita Dasgupta

Paramita Dasgupta

Practice Manager, East Asia and Pacific & South Asia, Trade & Competitiveness

Paramita Dasgupta is the Practice Manager for Trade & Competitiveness (T&C) for the Asia Region, currently based in New Delhi but will be relocating to Singapore in mid July 2015.  Paramita has worked on and managed various high profile multi-sectoral analytical and operational tasks at the World Bank Group and developed several innovative advisory programs aligned with IFC’s private sector development mandate.  Over the past 16 years at the World Bank Group, she has held a number of interesting positions working on public policy issues that impact private sector development in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa based out of Johannesburg, Dhaka and New Delhi.  Her core areas of work include investment climate, international business, competitiveness and private sector development.

As the Trade & Competitiveness Practice Manager for Asia based in Singapore, Paramita has four key responsibilities: (i) lead, grow and manage the Singapore Global Hub for T&C with a thematic focus on Connectivity and Competitiveness; (ii) lead Partnerships and Knowledge Management in Asia, including bringing experiences and knowledge from countries such as Singapore to the rest of the T&C practice; (iii) serve as the primary counterpart of T&C for the various development partners in the region; and (iv) ensure that T&C works closely with the private sector in developing innovative solutions for development.

Prior to joining the World Bank Group, Paramita was the Chief Economist for Mumbai-based investment bank Kotak Mahindra Capital Company which at that time was Goldman Sachs’s joint venture partner in India.  She started her professional career at the Economic and Political Weekly Research Foundation where her primary area of research was fixed income markets and the Indian economy.  She holds a Master’s degree in International Business and Economic Development from the University of Reading in United Kingdom.  Apart from being an economist and a development professional, Paramita enjoys theatre and music and loves to travel for leisure and explore new cultures with her husband and 10 year old son.

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