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The Development Education Program (DEP) team designs tools and resources to help teachers and students, principally at the secondary school level, study -- and think critically about -- the often complex social, economic, and environmental issues of sustainable development affecting their countries, their regions, and the world.

We work in partnership with educators, governments, and teaching institutions to determine specific development education needs, design, develop and disseminate tools and resources for teachers that meet those needs including print-based materials, audio and video materials, CD-ROM and this website, facilitate the exchange of ideas, information, expertise, resources, and best practice, and build education networks within and between countries that help ensure widespread understanding of and commitment to sustainable development.

The Development Education Program is part of the World Bank Institute (WBI). The World Bank Institute is the learning arm of the World Bank and helps member countries achieve the goals of equitable and sustainable development by helping them design and implement better policies and programs. To this end, WBI facilitates a learning dialogue on development through structured exchanges of ideas and experiences among people around the world. In addition to its traditional learning products and publications, WBI is also exploring new learning approaches made possible by emerging technologies.

The World Bank, established in 1945, is an international institution owned by the governments of 180 member countries. Its central purpose is to promote economic and social programs in developing nations by helping raise productivity so that people may live better and fuller lives.

We hope you will enjoy exploring this website, and we encourage you to sign our Guestbook.

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