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Driving an Inclusive and Diverse Supply Chain Forum

Driving an Inclusive and Diverse Supply Chain: Celebrating Achievements and Looking Forward

March 5, 2024
Hybrid (Online and World Bank HQ, Washington DC)

Corporate Procurement gathered experts and leaders from the international organizations and the private sector to talk about the advances the WBG had made in narrowing gender disparities in its supplier base. Participants learned about the WBG’s achievement in surpassing the goal of doubling corporate procurement with women-owned businesses and heard firsthand of their commitment to extend the goal to reach 12 percent by 2030, all while shaping the future of the program to realign with the 2030 Gender Strategy.

During this event, the World Bank discussed the important role of procurement in promoting gender equality and economic empowerment for women. The forum served as a platform to discuss procurement's impact on gender equality, share the WBG's achievements in surpassing its target of doubling corporate procurement from women-owned businesses, and set forth the 2030 goals for the supplier diversity & inclusion program. Participants heard from experts strategies for strengthening private sector partnerships and fostering collective action with international peers to enhance the participation of women-owned and diverse suppliers in procurement processes.