Vincenzo Di Maro

Senior Economist, Governance and Institution Building Research Program Manager, Development Impact Evaluation (DIME)

Vincenzo manages DIME’s unit on Governance & Institution Building. He is a Senior Economist and his research focuses on tests of (behavioral) economics mechanisms in a variety of interventions and how to frame them as policy relevant parameters. He is currently leading the IE program in Public Sector Governance and Justice (ieGovern) in collaboration with PREM and LEGJR.

Vincenzo joined the Bank after completing his Ph.D. in Economics from University College London. His previous work has focused on the impact of Early Childhood and Conditional Cash Transfer programs and, in particular, on their effect on consumption and nutrition. In the past, he was at the IADB as a Research Fellow and at Universita' Parthenope Napoli as an Assistant Professor. His research work has been published in journal such as the Journal of Development Economics and the Economic Journal, among others.

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    DIME Program on Public Sector Governance

    In developing countries, on average 35 percent of GDP flows through the machinery of government – to produce government services, such as justice, health and education, and infrastructure. How governments manage the public sector – whether it is tax collection, budgeting, civil service or justice –matters crucially for development outcomes. In seeking to reform the public sector, many client countries express demand for know-how on “what works and why”.
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    DIME Program on Legal and Justice Reform

    Justice sector reform is typically done through nationwide reforms, which in most cases involve also changes to the Constitution. DIME will test several interventions to improve effectiveness of these reforms when they are implemented on the ground.
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