John Baffes

Senior Agriculture Economist, Development Economics

I currently serve as a Senior Economist with the World Bank’s Prospects Group, where I contribute to the semi-annual Commodity Markets Outlook—a World Bank publication renowned for its comprehensive commodity market analysis and price forecasts. In this capacity, I hold the responsibility of managing the World Bank's commodity price database (also known as the “Pink Sheet”) and overseeing the commodity price forecasting process. Over the years I have garnered extensive experience by working across various units within the World Bank, including Latin America, South Asia, East Africa, Evaluation, and Research. My expertise spans a diverse range of subjects, including economic development, agricultural economics, resource economics, and applied econometrics. As a result, I have become a frequent contributor to media outlets. I also share my knowledge and insights as an instructor for an executive MBA course on Applied Econometrics for Commodity Markets. Prior to entering graduate school, I managed a commodity trading company. I hold degrees in Economics (BS, University of Athens, Greece), Agricultural Economics (MS, University of Georgia, U.S.), and Agricultural and Resource Economics (Ph.D., University of Maryland, U.S.).