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Giorgio Valentini

Giorgio Valentini

Manager of the Global Reimbursable Advisory Services Unit (GRASU)

Giorgio Valentini is the manager of the Global Reimbursable Advisory Services Unit (GRASU) at the World Bank Group. He leads the business development and quality improvements of the RAS program in all regions of the World Bank.

Prior to this, he was Country Manager for the past 10 years in Honduras and other countries in the region. In this role, Valentini has led the development of country strategies and business development programs in various economic and social sectors while managing client and stakeholder engagement, plus the investment and knowledge portfolio of the World Bank for each country.

Valentini has focused his work on promoting country-based economic and social competitiveness through the adoption and integration of technology solutions in various sectors, such as infrastructure, agriculture, environment and social services. Before joining the World Bank, Giorgio worked at Booz Allen & Hamilton in the government service group developing the e-Government services and the design of innovative technology solutions for various agencies of the United States government.