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Get to know an 🆔 System - France Connect - An ID4D Webinar Series

September 22, 2021



  • Join us for a webinar about FranceConnect with Ms. Christine Balian, Director of the FranceConnect Program and the Head of Mission at the Inter-Ministerial Digital Directorate.

    As part of ID4D’s “Getting to Know an ID” webinar series, Ms. Balian will discuss the following topics:

    • The French eID ecosystem
    • FranceConnect and how it works
    • The difference between FranceConnect and FranceConnect+
    • FranceConnect and the private sector

    This is the third webinar in a series hosted by the World Bank Group’s ID4D Initiative on ID ecosystems from around the world. 

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    Christine Balian

    Directrice du programme FranceConnect et de la mission IDNUM / Head ofFranceConnect Directi on du numérique de l’Etat / Interministerial digital directory