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Jorge Coarasa

Jorge Coarasa is a Lead Economist and Program Leader for Human Development in the Maghreb, based in Rabat.  He leads a portfolio of financing and technical activities across health, education and social protection in Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Tunisia. Prior to moving to Rabat, he was a program leader for human development and task team leader in India, where he led projects supporting national and state governments in areas ranging from innovation in biopharmaceuticals to nutrition.

Jorge has been based at the World Bank headquarters in Washington DC and Nairobi where he managed projects in Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania. Prior to joining the Bank, Jorge was a government official in Mexico as Deputy Director General in the Ministry of Social Development, where he designed and evaluated policies and programs to increase access to health, education and social protection for the poor. Jorge holds degrees in Economics from ITAM, International Relations from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Public Administration from Harvard University.