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Trade and Income
Trade Experts
Daria Taglioni
Senior Trade Economist,
Lead Economist,
The Trade Post: Making International Trade Work for Development.
The Trade Post is a blog that features research, observations and questions from the World Bank Group's experts on international trade.
Young men at a vocational education and training center.
The Aid for Trade program is a multilateral initiative that helps developing countries spur growth by overcoming obstacles to trade and better integrating into the world economy.
Trust funds help support the World Bank's assistance to low-income countries.
Trust funds with specific missions and parameters complement and support the World Bank’s operational work and help deliver enhanced support to client countries.
World Bank tools can help policy makers do their own analysis.
The World Bank offers diagnostic tools that help policymakers better understand how their countries trade.
Student writing notes. Kenya. Photo: © Curt Carnemark / World Bank
We conduct periodic interviews with World Bank experts doing trade work around the globe.