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Anita Marangoly George
Senior Director
Photo Credit: Panos Pictures
The Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) offers advisory services, knowledge, and toolkits for energy policy makers.
Gas Flaring, Photo Credit: Ed Kashi
In the past six years, gas flaring has dropped by 20% - from 172 bcm in 2005 to 140 bcm in 2011, according to latest data from global satellite estimates.
Extractive industries
The Extractive Industries practice facilitates the industries’ contribution to poverty alleviation and economic growth through good governance and sustainable development.
Photo Credit: Practical Action
Stunning fact: household air pollution from cooking with solid fuels kills four million people each year. Challenge: how do we fix it?
Green energy mix
Sign up for online classes to understand how policy instruments can promote renewable energy & energy efficiency technologies in developing countries.