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Across European countries, women continue to earn less than men. Looking at data for full-time working women across 30 countries.

Doing Business 2018

The Doing Business project provides objective measures of business regulations for local firms in 190 economies.

Year in Review

The global economy improved but there were plenty of unsettling and upsetting events. Here’s what 2017 looked like in 12 charts.

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Doing Business Oct 31, 2017

Reforming to Create Jobs

World Bank Oct 28, 2017

Fiscal Year 2017 Highlights

IDA18 Replenishment

IDA18 presents a bold paradigm shift in how it mobilizes finance to support a significant policy package to help IDA clients achieve their development goals. The Eighteenth Replenishment of IDA (IDA18) is the largest replenishment in IDA’s 56-year history and heralds a significant step change in its policy and financing framework.


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