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  • Game Changers for a Livable Planet banner with photo of children at coastal embankment in Bangladesh. Photo: Habibul Haque/WB

Stories from around the world that showcase countries and communities delivering transformative initiatives that drive our mission toward a more livable planet – with cleaner air, water, enough food and greater resilience - and are proven, replicable and scalable.

Learn how the World Bank is helping end poverty on a livable planet

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    Jun 04, 2024

    Climate-Resilient Irrigation

    More—and better managed—climate-resilient irrigation will help feed the planet with available water, strengthen livelihoods, grow economies and create jobs, reduce GHG emissions, and build resilience to climate shocks.

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    Mar 19, 2024

    Forests for Us

    Forests play an important role in lifting communities out of poverty and ensuring a livable planet. They are game changers for people, climate, and nature.

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    Dec 01, 2023

    Carbon Markets

    Carbon markets have to be trustworthy, transparent, result in real climate mitigation and bring tangible benefits, especially for developing countries, if they are to make a real difference.

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    Nov 14, 2023

    Adaptation to Climate Shocks

    Climate change is indiscriminate, devastating communities rich and poor, but the poorest people are hit hardest. Countries need to act to protect people and help them prepare for a riskier world.

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    Oct 16, 2023

    Urban Transport

    Discover how sustainable transport can be game changer. All urban transport investments, whether large or small, are crucial to make urban living healthier, safer, more inclusive – and much less carbon intensive.

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    Sep 26, 2023

    The Solar Story

    Solar’s moment has been decades in the making, but today solar is seen as an essential tool to both to close the energy gap and decarbonize. Discover how the World Bank’s support over 25 years has been instrumental.



Portrait of a farmer with her sheep in Türkiye.
Climate-resilient irrigation is a game-changer. Farmers can produce more food with less water and land. With reduced water stress, increased crop yields, and lower food prices, it can help feed 1.4 billion more people. #LivablePlanet
Beekeeper in the village of Ibi on Congo’s Bateke Plateau. - with Game Changers branding
Due to population rise and climate change, the pressure on the forests in Africa is increasing. Learn how beekeeping makes a difference to nature and communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. #LivablePlanet
Iliana Jimenez stands in the middle of a vibrant forest in Costa Rica. - with Game Changers branding
For 20 years, the World Bank has piloted projects with partners to create the conditions for viable carbon markets. See why trust and transparency are crucial for the adoption of high-integrity markets. #LivablePlanet
Boy cycling torwards a cyclone shelter that doubles as a primary school in Bangladesh. - with Game Changers branding
Climate change is devastating communities rich and poor, but the poorest are hit hardest. Find out how managing risk and building climate-proof infrastructure can be game changers for adaptation. #LivablePlanet
E-bus from Senegal's BRT. - with Game Changers branding
What the world needs now are solutions that can cut transport’s dependence on fossil fuels, improve lives, and be expanded quickly to more places. Bus Rapid Transit meets these goals.🚏 #LivablePlanet
Group of smiley children in front of solar panels in Niger. - with Game Changers branding
Solar is expected to surpass coal as the world’s most available source of energy by 2027. Learn how the right policies and regulations have broken down barriers to solar – and can continue to do so. #LivablePlanet

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