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Results Briefs August 17, 2018

Improving Education in Armenia: $15 million in IBRD Sustainable Development Bonds


Results from the World Bank Treasury

  • Purpose: To improve readiness of children entering primary education, improve quality of higher education, and improve physical conditions of secondary school.
  • IBRD Financing: $15 million
  • Expected Results (include): Target 2400 preschool enrollees, 120 community based preschools, fully integrated and operational Education Management Information System, and 4,000 staff trained on system. 10 standards revised and endorsed by government. 107 high schools with education resources.

Development Challenge

While Armenia has made progress in achieving nearly universal enrollment in primary and middle school, pre-school enrollment (for children ages 3-6) is currently only 65%. In addition, improvements in quality of education have not yet led to improved student performance. Poor infrastructure in high schools is unsafe for students and hampers learning.

Project Description

This project will improve the quality of education at all levels by focusing on efficiency, equity and the development of new academic programs, especially programs targeting young children in underserved groups or regions in Armenia. It supports rehabilitation of high school facilities and provision of learning resources.

$15 million

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