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Results Briefs December 2, 2008

Eco-Farming for Rural Communities in China: $120 Million in IBRD Financing


A woman carries a basket in China.

World Bank

Results from the World Bank Treasury

  • Purpose: To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deliver economic benefits through biogas systems in rural communities
  • IBRD Financing: US$ 120 million
  • Project Term: 2008 – 2014. Project ID: P096556

In China, millions of households rely on the agriculture sector for their livelihood and their future depends on improved management of their natural resources. The agricultural sector, however, has had widespread negative impacts on the environmentbecause of inadequate farming techniques involving intensive and mechanized farming, misuse of land leading to desertification, over-use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and the rapid growth in livestock production without adequate environmental controls. In addition, agriculture is responsible for 50% of China’s methane emissions—methane is a potent greenhouse gas. 

This project will improve the rural environment and living conditions in the project areas by promoting environmentally friendly and economically efficient farm production. In addition to cleaner, healthier farmyard environments, a key goal of the project is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through methane capture and combustion to generate energy and reduced burning of coal and firewood in the project areas. By the end of the project, CO2eq emissions in the project area are expected to be reduced by 800,000-1,000,000 tons per year.