RSR List of Activities (SAR)

January 20, 2015

South Asia


Building Social Protection Systems

Afghanistan – Afghanistan Pension
Administration and Safety Net Project 

Timeline Project ID

Aimed to strengthen the institutional capacity
to monitor and evaluate government programs
and mechanisms delivering benefits

200,000 Nov 2011

June 2014

Afghanistan - Options to Strengthen the
Safety Net


Explores options for increasing the social protection
coverage of the poor by assessing the potential
and feasibility of scalable short term employment
generation programs.

370,000 Jun 2014

Oct 2015

Bangladesh - Employment Generation
Program for the Poorest


This activity provides technical assistance to
make beneficiary payment and record keeping
mechanisms for the Employment Generation
Program for the Poorest more efficient.

Associated IDA project

605,706 June 2011

June 2014

Bangladesh - Piloting Cash Transfers for
Human Development through Local

Piloted the mechanisms for delivering conditional
cash transfers through local governments to
improve children’s nutrition and education.
2, 619,345 Sep 2010

Dec 2013

Bangladesh: Assessment of Identification
Systems for Social Protection


Aims to strengthen the SPL system by enhancing
Government’s capacity to improve SPL ID
systems, develop options for how ID systems to
be more effective and efficient, set up an Action
Plan to operationalize most preferred policy
options, strengthen coordination among the
government institutions involved in SPL programs,
and understand the operational foundations of
public food distribution systems (PDSs). 

120,000 Pipeline -

Bangladesh: Supporting Nutrition-Sensitive
Safety Nets through Strengthened Local
Government Administration


Supports streamlined social protection services
at the local level, with a focus on implementation
of nutrition-sensitive safety nets in Bangladesh
by strengthening local level institutional
arrangements for safety nets administration,
developing innovative tools for promotion of
nutrition amongst the poorest through income
support and beneficiary engagement.

320,000 Pipeline -

Bhutan - Supporting the Development of a
Social Protection Strategy


Supports the development of an evidence-based
social protection strategy.

300,000 April 2014

June 2015

India: Social Dimensions of Urbanization


Provided support to stream-lining and improving
the effectiveness of urban safety nets in New Delhi
and improve the monitoring and delivery of benefit
programs using integrated IT platforms, databases
and smart cards.

99,048 March 2010

Feb 2012

India - Bihar Integrated Social Protection
Strengthening Project


Evaluates the impact of providing financial
education program focused on long-term
savings for low income households in Bihar,
India and their take up rate of a New Government
Pension Scheme (NPS Lite) designed for
individuals working in the informal sector who
are not covered by any formal old age social
security program.

450,000 Oct 2013

June 2015

India: Improving Design and Delivery of
Social Safety Net Program in Urban locations


Supports the improvements in the design and
delivery of social safety net programs in urban

250,000 Pipeline -

Maldives - Building capacity and systems for
targeting the poor in the Maldives


Assisted the government in designing and
implementing a common platform for identification
of the poor.

Associated IDA-Project

124,295 Mar 2011

Aug 2012

Nepal - Strengthening Safety Nets in Nepal:
Piloting Targeted Conditional Cash Transfers

Improves the delivery of cash-based safety nets
in pilot districts through technical assistance and
capacity building to the Ministry of Local
1,535,882 Jan 2011

Sep 2014

Nepal Safety Net System Building (SNSB) TA


Supports the Government in strengthening basic
architecture of its administrative systems, with
emphasis on the payment system, the
management information system, and the
ministry’s internal institutional arrangement for SP
policy coordination and service delivery.

450,000 Nov 2014

Oct 2016

Pakistan: Social Safety Net Project


An assessment to improve the design and
implementation of the payment side of cash
transfer programs in Pakistan and how different
technologies work for the poor. The assessment
also established ways to make cash grants more
sustainable through financial inclusion
(e.g. savings) and literacy.

Associated IDA project

802,254 Jun 2011

May 2013

Sri Lanka - Competitive Skills for a Middle
Income Country


Examined the impact of the economic crisis
on vulnerable groups, in the formal and
informal labor markets, and supported an analysis
of critical policy issues on skills development,
employment creation and economic growth.

238,800 June 2011

Sep 2012

Sri Lanka - Strengthening Samurdhi
Targeting Systems


Supported an assessment of the beneficiaries
of the largest social safety net program with
a view to make the program more efficient
in helping the poor to become more productive.

167,760 Jul 2010

June 2013

Protecting Access to Basic Services

India: Institutional Arrangements for
Nutrition in India

Timeline Project ID

An analysis of existing institutional arrangements
for organizing, coordinating, and delivering
nutrition services in India and recommendations
for how the service delivery can be strengthened.

99, 640 Feb 2010

May 2012

Maldives - Assessment of National Health


Strengthened the capacity of National Social
Protection Agency to improve the design of
the Madhana, the country's nascent social health
insurance system and helped to build a robust
monitoring and evaluation system that enhances
the system's efficiency and effectiveness.

58,098 Jun 2011

June 2013

Pakistan - Protecting Pakistans Poor
Against Health Shocks in Disasters


Provided technical assistance to the development
of a diagnostics and a review of the health
sector's policy options to increase the population's
resilience to health shocks caused by natural

363,992 Dec 2011

March 2013