RSR List of Activities (LAC)

January 20, 2015

Latin America and the Caribbean


Building Social Protection Systems

Bolivia - BO Multidimensional Poverty
Phase IV

Timeline Project ID

Fills information gaps about dimensions of access
to social services among women and indigenous
groups in Bolivia with the end goal of promoting
a more equitable access to social services, social
protection, and economic opportunities.

90,000 Sep 2014

Sep 2015 

Haiti - Moving Toward a Social Protection
System in Haiti


Helps the Government improve its capacity to
coordinate and target social initiatives and enhance
the efficiency and effectiveness of public spending
in the area of social protection.

450,000 Nov 2015 P149565

Social Protection


Strengthened the governments’ safety net
programs by helping to redesign the conditional
cash transfer program, and enhance targeting of
social safety nets interventions.

Associated IDA-project

72,566 Jan 2010

June 2012

Nicaragua - Nicaragua Social Protection


Provided technical assistance to the expansion of a
model program for family and community-based
social welfare and cash transfers.

Associated IDA-project

2,548,570 Feb 2012

April 2013

Regional Statistical Work in OECS


Strengthened the OECS secretariat’s capacity
to support and guide national crisis responses
on social protection.

OECS Country Brief

475,118 Nov 2011

June 2013

Saint Lucia - Rapid Social Response Trust
Fund: Transforming Social Protection in
St. Lucia


Supports the implementation a Social Safety Net
Reform through: (i) analyzing and improving key
operational elements of St. Lucia’s flagship
Public Assistance Program; (ii) harmonizing the
architecture of social assistance programs ; and 
(iii) improving the Ministry of Social 
Transformation’s capacity to implement the
Social Safety Net Reform.

300,000 Feb 2014

Nov 2015

Regional - Rapid Social Response Trust Fund:
Strengthening SPL Systems in Low Capacity
LAC countries (Bolivia, Grenada, Honduras,


Building Evidence on Program's Performance
Builds Evidence on Program's Performance to
Strengthen SPL systems in low capacity LAC

150,000 Oct

Nov 2015

Mexico - Strengthening of Social Protection


Supports the Government to strengthen existing
social protection system tools aimed at improving
the wellbeing of the extreme poor, in particular
their nutritional status and food security.

380,000 Pipeline -


Sharing Knowledge

Listening to LAC and Other Innovations
in Statistics

Timeline Project ID
Developed and piloted the use of a low-cost,
quick method of gathering data via mobile-phone
technology to give timely information on the
effects of crises on poor and vulnerable populations
in Latin America and the Caribbean.
239,106 April 2010

June 2012

Regional:  RSR MDTF - Improving LAC
Country Responses to Protect the
Nutritional Status of the Poorest and
Most Vulnerable in Times of Crises


Supported the development of a toolkit that
offers policy makers and program administrators
in the LAC region cost effective tools. 

Toolkit on How to Protect and Promote the Nutrition of Mothers and Children

256,000 July 2011

Feb 2013

Protecting Access to Basic Services

Haiti - Household Development Agent Pilot

Timeline Project ID

Improves family health and nutrition practices
by enhancing the quality and coordination of
social services and introducing household
development agents.

Associated IDA project

3,202,317 April 2010

Dec 2014

Haiti Nutrition Security and Social Safety Nets


Improved the capacity and effectiveness of
nutrition-related safety net programs to
address acute and chronic malnutrition.

Associated IDA-project

90, 345 Nov 2010

June 2012

Women and Girls in Haiti & Reconstruction:
Addressing and Preventing Gender based


A community based organization received support
from RSR to improve delivery of services to
survivors of gender based violence and to enhance
the growing public dialogue around the issue.

Blog: Gender-Based Violence - Is it the World Bank’s Business?

580,951 Jan 2011

Sep 2012

Honduras - Nutrition and Social Protection


Helped to offset the negative effects of the global
food crisis on the most vulnerable children by
strengthening monitoring systems and providing
technical assistance to the expansion of the
nutritional services in the most affected areas
of the country.

Associated IDA-project

1,054,662 Jul 2012

Dec 2013

Education Resilience, Violence and Youth


Provided support to policy development and
strategic planning to protect children and youth
from violence made worse by crises.

378,250 Dec 2011

March 2013