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Call for Proposals 2: Extractives Global Programmatic Support

The Extractives Global Programmatic Support (EGPS) trust fund is pleased to announce its second call for proposals. A total of up to US$5million (grants range between US$ 100,000 and US$ 1 million) is available to be awarded.


This call will only accept proposals led or assisted by a World Bank Task Team Leader. If a government institution or other potential beneficiaries (eligible civil society organizations or non-governmental organizations) need assistance or to be matched with a World Bank task team leader, please contact the EGPS Secretariat via email with copy to Sven Renner


Proposals must be submitted by COB Wednesday October 27, 2020 via email to Sven Renner with copy to the EGPS secretariatCecilia Tan, and Christopher Sheldon.

Eligible Activities

EGPS will consider proposals with activities that cover one or a combination of the following EGPS components:

  1. Transparency:  Improving sector revenue transparency and efficiency of public management systems;
  2. Sector policies, regulations and institutional strengthening:  Facilitating evidence-based and inclusive sector policies, regulations and management;
  3. Local value and diversification:  Enabling shared value at the national and local level; and
  4. Local communities and ecosystems:  Ensuring local community benefits for all and mitigating adverse impacts on local ecosystems.

Proposed activities must relate to and fit under the outputs specified in the EGPS Results Framework. The Annual Business Plan provides additional information on EGPS priority areas. Email the EGPS secretariat to request for the EGPS Results Framework and the Annual Business Plan. However, EGPS aspires to be demand responsive and activities with clear demand that are not part of the Business Plan but within the scope of EGPS will still be eligible and considered. 

Selection criteria

All proposals received will be assessed by the selection committee based on the criteria below

1. Country-specific grants - EGPS focuses primarily on resource-rich developing countries.  EGPS, in line with the World Bank Group strategy, prioritizes low income-countries and countries affected by fragility, conflict and violence (FCV) in its grant allocation.

Please note the below selection criteria for EGPS grants/activities:

  • In the first stage of the screening process, proposals are assessed based upon (i) readiness for implementation; (ii) demonstrate a clear demand and strong government ownership; and (ii) show consistency with one or more core elements of the relevant World Bank Country Partnership Framework and approval by the World Bank Country Director.
  • In the second stage of the screening process, proposals are assessed based on the following criteria: (i) ability to show measurable impact; clear monitoring and evaluation of EGPS performance indicators, and the soundness of the proposal; and (ii) strategic alignment with other World Bank work (to obtain leverage).

In addition to the (i) and (ii), a Global World Bank executed grant will also be assessed against (iii) a clearly defined audience and dissemination plan; and (iv) the potential to spark innovation and inform extractive industries reform measures.

2. Specific selection criteria for EITI Implementation grants will be result-orientated or the likelihood of the EGPS funds catalyzing effective implementation of the EITI Standard that leads to sustained improvements in extractives industry revenue transparency.  EGPS provides support throughout the EITI cycle and newcomers are eligible for grants to support the preparation of candidature. 

3. Supervision Budget for Recipient Executed Grants:  All proposals for recipient executed grant/activities are eligible for Supervision budget/grant, and accordingly should be indicated in the proposal.  The Supervision budget will be allocated when the proposal is approved.  However, the grant funding request for the supervision grant will only be approved upon the grant becoming effective/active.

4. Knowledge products/work (World Bank Executed) is a key vehicle to set the agenda for extractive industries reform at an international level and is an important aspect for strategic guidance of future work in this area.  Selection criteria for activities in this area include a clearly defined audience, dissemination plan and a potential to spark innovation and inform reform. 

5. Gender:  EGPS aims to incorporate a gender sensitive approach to all grants in a cross-cutting manner.  EGPS is, therefore, adopting the World Bank Group’s corporate target to have 55% of EGPS grants with a gender intervention.  All proposals, regardless of the component, should make use of opportunities to advance gender equality and include gender-specific actions to close the gender gaps and promote gender equality more broadly. 

Grant size

EGPS grants range between US$ 100,000 and US$ 1 million. Keeping transaction costs of recipient executed grants at a reasonable level can be a challenge, particularly if the grant finances a stand-alone operation, with no possibility of leveraging additional funds or complementing larger operations. Where possible, existing implementation structures should be used instead of setting up parallel arrangements. Preference will be given to activities that have confirmed availability of co-financing from other sources

For proposals that do not include other sources of funding, preference will be given to proposals that can demonstrate a potential for scale up in the future including other non-EGPS funding.

Grant Duration

Projects have a standard duration of one year.  Longer duration may be proposed for activities (two to four years) to be implemented in phases, with an indicative grant size of between US$500,000 to US$2 million. Funding for future phases will be dependent on availability of donor funding, effective grant disbursement, satisfactory grant progress, and timely reporting of earlier phases of the activity.


  • October 27, 2020: Deadline for submission of proposals
  • November 10, 2020: Selection Committee concludes selection process
  • December 1, 2020: EGPS Partnership Council meeting and pipeline endorsement.


For any questions that are not answered in the call for proposals, please send an email with “EGPS Call 2 query” in the subject line to the EGPS Secretariat with copy to Sven Renner