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LOANS & CREDITS December 12, 2018

India: Jharkhand Municipal Development Project


WASHINGTON, December 12, 2018 – The World Bank Board of Executive Directors today approved financing for the following project: 

The Jharkhand Municipal Development Project

IBRD Credit: US $147 Million

Terms: Maturity = 22.5 years, Grace period = 7 years

Project ID: P158502

Project Description: The Jharkhand Municipal Development Project will focus on improving the municipal sector’s capacity to provide basic urban services. It will invest in urban services such as water supply, sewerage, drainage, and urban roads; and strengthen the capacity of the Jharkhand Urban Infrastructure Development Company (JUIDCO) as well as that of the ULBs to carry out reforms in the areas of urban finance and governance.



New Delhi
Nandita Roy
Washington D.C
Elena Karaban