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Performance-Based Financing for Urban Local Governments: Results and Lessons from Two Decades of World Bank Financing

February 23, 2023

WEBINAR: Performance Based Financing for Urban Local Governments

A core priority for cities in developing countries is to strengthen their financing and institutional systems to deliver urban infrastructure and services more effectively and manage local economies more productively.

The World Bank has helped address this challenge in several countries by supporting projects and programs that provide performance-based financing to cities and urban local governments. These programs have helped improve the institutional and service delivery performance of local governments. Over the last two decades, the World Bank has provided over $8 billion in

financing to countries to support the implementation of such programs. A new World Bank report reviews the results and lessons from these programs.

This event will discuss the findings of this report and engage in conversation with representatives from governments who have implemented these programs. We will discuss good practices for policymakers and practitioners on how governments can improve urban management and service delivery through performance-based financing for cities and urban local governments.


Opening remarks

Ayat Soliman, Regional Director, Sustainable Development, Eastern and Southern Africa Region, World Bank



Hyunji Lee, Urban Development Specialist, World Bank

Jesper Steffensen, Managing Director, Steffensen Consult ApS


Panel Discussion

  • Ato Alemayehu Alitto, Program Coordinator, Ethiopia Urban Institutional and Infrastructure Development Program
  • Charles Konyango, Program Coordinator, Kenya Urban Support Program
  • David Jackson, Director, Local Development Finance, United Nations Capital Development Fund
  • Joseph Walter Pade, Commissioner Urban Development, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Uganda
  • Ines Sallem Zaghdoudi, Program Coordinator, Tunisia Urban Development and Local Governance Program
  • Raphael Edu-Gyan, Program Coordinator, Ghana Secondary Cities Support Program

Moderated by:

Sohaib Athar, Senior Urban Development Specialist, World Bank



Roland White, Global Lead for City Management, Governance and Finance, World Bank


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