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Distributional Impact of Private Sector Investments and Job Quality across Developing Countries

November 17, 2021




Understanding how private sector investments create jobs and affect households’ welfare is critical to informing the development impact of such investments in developing countries. IFC’s Sector Economics & Development Impact Department and the World Bank’s Poverty & Equity Global Practice have jointly developed (i) a macro-micro simulation model to estimate the distributional impact of private sector investments on labor market outcomes to advance the Bank Group’s goals of poverty reduction and shared prosperity, and (ii) a database of indicators and measures of job quality to assess the quality of employment across developing countries. This webinar will present the macro-micro simulation model implemented for Colombia, which combines IFC’s economy-wide impact assessment methodology with a simplified and integrated micro survey-based simulation (ADePT) tool developed by the Poverty & Equity Global Practice. It will also discuss a set of harmonized Job Quality Indicators across countries and industries based on four dimensions: income, employment benefits, job stability, and employment conditions.




  • Wednesday, Nov. 17: 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. ET