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Getting to Equal in a Changing World: Second Global Gender in Oil, Gas and Mining Conference

March 3-4, 2021



  • The global oil, gas and mining landscape is shifting rapidly. Unprecedented digital disruption and automation is reshaping the opportunities available to men and women working in the sector. The economic fall-out of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is touching every corner of the world with sweeping and differentiated impacts on men and women in oil, gas and mining communities. Meanwhile, global efforts to decarbonize our societies are underway, but with the additional challenge of increasing demand for minerals needed for this transition.  

    Where does gender equality fit into this picture of a rapidly shifting global oil, gas, and mining landscape? What impacts will a global crisis and potential recession have on progress towards gender parity? These are some of the questions that will be discussed at the second Global Gender in Oil, Gas, and Mining Conference. 

    The World Bank’s Extractives Global Programmatic Support (EGPS) Trust Fund and Inter-American Development Bank are organizing the second Global Gender Oil, Gas and Mining Conference to be held virtually on March 3-4, 2021. The conference, under the theme, Getting to Equal in a Changing World  will explore gender equality in the oil, gas and mining sectors. The main objective is to share and build knowledge among governments, academia, industry, and civil society on actions that can enhance gender equality in oil, gas and mining. 

  • Please note that all times listed below are EST. 

    WEDNESDAY MARCH 3, 2021 | DAY 1 | 8:30AM-12:00PM




    Welcome to Day 1 of the Second Gender Conference in the Virtual Lobby


    Welcome Remarks

    • Sandie Okoro, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, World Bank
    • Jessica Bedoya, Chief of Staff and Executive Advisor of the Office of the Presidency, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)


    Video: How have things changed since the first conference?

    Compilation of previous conference attendees discussing progress made and barriers that still remain to reach gender equality


    Panel: Hot topics facing gender equality in Oil, Gas, and Mining



    • Jorge Luis Montero, Mining Vice Minister, Peru
    • Amparo Cornejo, Vice President, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs, Teck Chile
    • Gillian Davidson, Chair of the Board, International Women in Mining

    MODERATOR: Veronica Nyhan Jones, Manager of Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory, International Finance Corporation (IFC)


    BREAK: Network!

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    –  Challenges During the Pandemic

    –  For the Love of the Extractives Sector

    –  The Future of Extractives

    –  Gender Challenges per Country

    –  The Talent Show


    Fireside Chat: Gendered Impacts of COVID-19 in Mining Value Chains and Communities


    • Shahila Perumalpillai, Head, Equity and Inclusion, De Beers Group
    • Bhanumathi Kalluri, Director, Dhaatri Resource Centre for Women and Children in India
    • Ursula Weber, Social Development and Communities Manager, Anglo American
    • Peter Munyi, Mining Consultant and Content Writer

    MODERATOR: Cristina Manfre, Global Gender Director, TechnoServe


    Ongoing Programs to Close Gender Gaps in Practice


    Room 1: Rio Tinto’s Gender Based Violence Program


    • Judy  Brown, Chief  Adviser,  External  Affairs,  Communities &  Communications, Rio Tinto
    • Sherry Iskander, Principal Advisor, Talent Americas, Europe and Africa, Rio Tinto

    Q&A MODERATOR: Kate Jinghua Zhou, Research Analyst, Energy and Extractives Global Practice, World Bank


    Room 2: Tools and examples of gender-sensitive interventions in ASM formalization


    • Victoria Reichel, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, IMPACT

    Q&A MODERATOR: Maria Dolores Vallenilla, Senior Gender Specialist Consultant, International Finance Corporation (IFC)


    Room 3: Workshop - Gender Inclusion Framework and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


    •  Jamile Cruz, Founder and CEO, I&D 101

    Q&A MODERATOR: Anne-Marie Urban, Lead Specialist in Social Development, Gender and Diversity Division, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)


    BREAK: Join our Trivia Round Tables!


    Lifting Bans on Women’s Underground Work


    • Dr. Raijeli Taga, Permanent Secretary-Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources, Fiji
    • Camila Meireles, Extractives and Energy Specialist, Sectoral Policies Department, International Labour Organization
    • Silvana Habib, Director of the Interdisciplinary Mining Group, AlCentro Think Tank

    MODERATOR: Isabel Santagostino, Private Sector Development Specialist, Women, Business and the Law, World Bank


    Canada shares Reflections on Day 1 Proceedings

    • Cheryl Urban, Director General, Economic Development Global Affairs Canada


    THURSDAY MARCH 4, 2021 | DAY 2 | 8:30AM-12:30PM




    Welcome to Day 2 of the Second Gender Conference in the Virtual Lobby


    Welcome Remarks

    • Demetrios Papathanasiou, Global Director, Energy & Extractives Global Practice, World Bank
    • Bertrand Heysch De la Borde, Director, Energy and Mining, International Finance Corporation (IFC)


    Women and the Future of the Industry: Opportunities from New Technologies, Automation, and Digital Disruption


    • Nicky Black, Director, Social and Economic Development, International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM)
    • Priya Bala-Miller, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Palmyra Partners
    • Loreto Acevedo, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, INDIMIN


    BREAK: Learn more from our exhibitor booths!

    • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
    • International Women in Mining (IWiM)
    • Masculinity in the Extractive Industry
    • Mujeres de Oro
    • OXFAM
    • Transparency International
    • Women Rights and Mining
    • World Bank Group

    Exhibitor booths will remain open from 3/3/21 until 6/5/21


    Success Metrics in Today’s Extractive Sector

    • Agustin Aguerre, Manager, Infrastructure and Energy Sector, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
    • Åsa Borssén, Program Coordinator, Highgrade Media

    Lightning Talks

    Room 1: Lightning Talks: Economic Development and Benefit Increases


    • Bamboo as a tool for livelihood diversification in traditional mining areas Christopher Samuel, Consulting Editor and Head of Communications, CIBART
    • Development Funds and the Challenges to Accessing Them Olivia Nasewicz, Project Coordinator, World University Service of Canada (WUSC)
    • Mining Development with a Gender Perspective Sylvia Gimbernat, Mining Policy Undersecretary, Productive Development Ministry, Argentine Republic
    • Lessons on Facilitating Procurement from Women-Owned Businesses Kyela de Weerdt, Program Manager, Mining Shared Value
    • Gender in Coal Sector Transition Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt, Professor, Australian National University

    MODERATOR: Irene Irazábal Briceño, Gender and Citizen Engagement Consultant, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

    Room 2: Methodology Room: Monitoring Progress: Baselines, Data and Assessment Frameworks for Better Gender Performance


    • Black Women on Boards in Africa, What the Data Tells Us Muza Gondwe, Senior Project Advisor, International Women in Mining (IWiM)
    • Gathering Improved Information to Reduce Gender Disparities in Colombia’s Mining Sector Camilo Ruiz, Manager, and Paola Jiménez, Gender Equality Coordinator, Comunica
    • Mongolia’s approach to promoting gender equality–focus on the audit as a tool
    • Chimegsanaa Tumurtogoo, Senior Officer in the Department of Strategic Policy and Planning, Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry of Mongolia
    • Frameworks to Implement and Monitor Reverse Mentoring in the Mining Industry Angelika Kambeck, Head of Group HR, Konzern-Personalleitung

    MODERATOR: Zahra Hassanali, Consultant, Energy and Extractives Global Practice, World Bank

    Room 3: Lightning Talks: Voice and Agency


    • Global Findings on Capacity Gaps of Women in Mining Associations Barbara Dischinger, Director and Founder, International Women in Mining (IWiM) 
    • Edah Chimya, Executive Director, Zambia Alliance of Women
    • Case Study from Peru on Participatory Environmental Monitoring Committees Nancy Bahamonde Quinteros, Consultant, UNDP-SEPA
    • Voice and Agency to Fight Corruption in the Mining Sector Tamika Halwiindi, Development Economist, Transparency International Zambia

    Moderator: Lina Holguin, Senior Policy Advisor, Global Affairs Canada


    BREAK: Network!

    • Chat with the participant of your choice!
    • Network with participants with similar interests by joining our various chatrooms:

    –  Future Aspirations

    –   Gender and COVID-19

    –   Your Ritual

    –   Blow some Steam!


    Greening Extractives: Opportunities and Implications for Gender Equity


    • Adam Bond, Legal Counsel, The Native Women’s Association of Canada
    • Lourdes Melgar, Founding Councilor, Voz Experta; Research Affiliate, Center for Collective Intelligence, MIT; Non Resident Fellow, Baker Institute Center for Energy Studies (CES), Rice University
    • Mary Dominic, Gender and Infrastructure Specialist, Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory, International Finance Corporation (IFC)

    MODERATOR: Kayla Winarsky Green, Adviser, Human Rights and Business Department, Danish Institute for Human Rights


    Announcement of Winners!


    Closing remarks

    • Christopher Sheldon, Practice Manager, Extractives Units of the Energy and Extractives Global Practice, World Bank
    • Veronica Nyhan Jones, Manager, Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
    • Natascha Nunes da Cunha, Co-leader of the Special Group on Mining, Geothermal Energy & Hydrocarbons, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)