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World Water Week 2018

August 26-31, 2018

Stockholm, Sweden


World Water Week in Stockholm is the annual focal point for the globe’s water issues. Experts, practitioners, decision-makers, business innovators and young professionals from a range of sectors and countries come to Stockholm to network, exchange ideas, foster new thinking and develop solutions to the most pressing water-related challenges of today. 

The World Bank Group will convene and participate in several sessions of World Water Week 2018, taking place from August 26-31. Below are a list of World Bank Group (co)-convened sessions and sessions with World Bank Group participating speakers. You can also follow along via Twitter using #wwweek.

Please also find a list of World Bank Group participants.

August 26

August 27

August 28

August 29

August 30


Sunday 26 August


Can Valuing Water Change our Attitude towards Water? Concrete Examples!

14.00-15.30 | Room: NL Auditorium

2030 WRG: Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Innovation and Impact

14.00-15.30 | Room: FH Cabaret

Hygiene Behaviour Change (HBC) - What Works and What Doesn’t?

14.00-15.30 | Room: NL 461

It saves to spend: global flood defense investment strategy evaluation

14.00-15.30 | Room: NL 253

Smart(er) systems for water and sanitation: subsidies, financing, and markets

14.00-15.30 | Room: FH 300

Shared sanitation: when individual toilets aren't enough

16.00-17.30 | Room: NL 357

Disruptive Innovation for the Water Sector: Imagining the Future

17.00-17.45 | Room: NL 253


Monday 27 August


How water utilities respond in crisis and conflict

16.00-17.30 | Room: FH 202

Water and security: assessing risks and mitigation options in hotspots

16.00-17.30 | Room: NL Auditorium

Mastering Disaster in the Anthropocene: Reconciling DRR and Climate Frameworks

16.00-17.30 | Room: FH 307


Tuesday 28 August


Changing minds on drought management – the economic case

09.00-10.30 | Room: FH 202

MENA Focus- Building Resilience to Shocks and Protracted Crises

11.00-12.30 | Room: FH 307

Sanitation in small towns: challenges for the environment and development

11.00-12.30 | Room: FH Little Theatre

City Water Resilience Framework & Resilient Water Governance

16.00-16.30 WWWSOFA

Faecal waste and its mysterious movement through urban ecosystems

16.00-17.30 | Room: NL 461

WASH affordability: monitoring and response options

16.00-17.30 | Room: FH 307

Supporting transboundary cooperation: opportunities within the next GEF funding cycle

17.00-17.45 | Room: NL 253


Wednesday 29 August


The global launch of the engineering design book “Faecal Sludge and Septage Treatment: A guide for low and middle-income countries”

Join the special event hosted by the World Bank, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Practical Action Publishing, fill an important FSM knowledge gap with the author Kevin Tayler, and win a signed version of the book from the author by answering a faecal sludge treatment question correctly.

13.00-13:45 | Special Event at World Bank Booth (Booth

Follow up on the High-Level Panel Water: Financing & Valuing

14.00-15.30 | Room: NL Pillar Hall

Innovative taxation models for urban ecosystem sanitation

14.00-15.30 | Room: FH Congress Hall A

Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Water Scarcity in Agriculture

16.00-17.30 | Room: FH 307

One billion left behind: Making global water efforts disability inclusive

16.00-17.30 | Room: FH 300

Water for Well-being: From Framework to Action

16.00-17.30 | Room: NL Auditorium


Thursday 30 August


Diversity and Inclusion in Water Utilities

11.00-12.30 | Room: NL Music Hall (456)

Political Drivers for Sustainable Ecosystems: UNDERSTANDING PEACE

09.00-10.30 | Room: FH 307

Political Drivers for Sustainable Ecosystems: BUILDING PEACE

11.00-12.30 | Room: FH 307

Political Drivers for Sustainable Ecosystems: SUSTAINING PEACE

14.00-15.30 | Room: FH 307

Water Stewardship: Partnership and Financing Models for Scale

14.00-15.30 | Room: NL Pillar Hall

Rethinking sewers

16.00-17.30 | Room: NL Pillar Hall


World Bank Group Participants

Jennifer Sara

Director, World Bank Water Global Practice

Maria Angelica Sotomayor

Practice Manager, Central Africa Region, World Bank Water Global Practice

Joel Kolker

Program Manager, Global Water Security & Sanitation Partnership (GWSP)

Karin Maria Krchnak

Program Manager, 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG)

William Rex

Program Manager, Cooperation in International Waters in Africa (CIWA)

Martin P. Gambrill

Lead Water Supply & Sanitation Specialist

Soma Ghosh Moulik

Lead Water Supply & Sanitation Specialist

Anders Jagerskog

Senior Water Resources Management Specialist

Diego Juan Rodriguez

Senior Water Resources Management Specialist

Cesar Fernando Fonseca Sarmiento

Senior Operations Officer

Joy Busolo

Senior Water Resources Management Specialist

Rochi Khemka

Operations Officer

Rebecca Jean Gilsdorf

Young Professional

Claire Chase


Noosha Tayebi

Water Resources Management Analyst