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2015 WB/KOTI Workshop: ICT in Transport for Greener Growth and Smarter Development
April 28, 2015World Bank | 1818 H Street NW, Washington, D.C. | Room MC-C2-131

This seminar, organized by the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) and the World Bank's Transport and ICT Global Practice, will explore smarter and greener development solutions related to open data and big data analytics; transport planning; operations and management; and imminent disruptions such as drones and Internet of Things.

Using technology innovatively is becoming an important element of the transport and green growth agenda in our client countries.  What used to be largely a focus on optimization of ‘intelligent transport  system’ elements such as  traffic control systems just a few years ago is being transformed by recent advances in information and communications technology.  This seminar with leading experts from the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) and World Bank Transport and ICT Practice will discuss emerging good practices and examples of smarter and greener development solutions and opportunities for collaboration with Korea.

Areas of discussion include open data and big data analytics; opportunities to lower the barriers for transport planning, improving operations and management of transport via functional ICT systems; as well as injecting innovation in the way the sector is managed via imminent disruptions - such as drones and Internet of Things.

The topic of the seminar is at the heart of the T&I GP’s mission: It relates, most prominently, to Mainstreaming ICTs for better transport service delivery, Green Transport and ICTs and sustainable transport. The discussion at the end of each of the two main sessions will also focus on identifying areas of collaboration between the WBG T&I team and KOTI, on research, knowledge sharing, staff learning and prospective future projects with KOTI.

1:00pm        Coffee and registration

1:30pm – 2:00pm        Opening Session

  • Introductory Remarks by Pierre Guislain, Senior Director, Transport & ICT, World Bank
  • Congratulatory Remarks by Sung-Soo Eun, Executive Director, World Bank
  • Special Presentation by Changwoon LEE, President, Korea Transport Institute: “ICT and Transport Systems Policy – Status and Perspectives”

2:00pm – 3:00pm        Session 1

Korea’s Experience with ICT in Transport: Key Achievements, Road Ahead and Lessons for Developing Countries

Chair: Young-Jun Moon, Ph.D., Chief Director, KOTI
The Korean experts will share their research and experience on cutting edge applications of ICT in Transport followed by 3-min comments by discussants, Q&A and open discussion with the audience.

2:00pm        “Smart Mobility and Big Data in Transportation Planning – KTBD Cases”
                   by Seokjoo LEE, Ph.D., Research Associate, KOTI

2:15pm        “Deployment of ICT-based Transport Systems in Developing Countries”
                   by Taehyung KIM, Ph.D., Research Fellow, KOTI

2:30pm        “What and How Can We Do for Public Transport with ICT – Smart Card Cases”
                   by Young Wook PARK, Ph.D., SVP, Global Business Div., Korea Smart Card, Ltd.

2:45pm        Discussion and Q&A
                   Discussant: Tyler Messa, Former Secretariat of ISO/TC204 (ITS)
                   Discussant: Byungkyu Brian Park, Associate Professor, University of Virginia
                   Discussant: Andreas Kopp, Lead Transport Economist, WB

3:15pm        Coffee break

3:30pm – 5:15pm        Session 2        

Global Trends and Opportunities for Digitizing Transportation in Client Countries: World Bank Perspectives 

Chair: Randeep Sudan, Practice Manager, Transport & ICT GP, WB
World Bank Transport and ICT Experts will share cutting edge knowledge emerging from current experiences in WB financed projects in 5 regions in a fast paced series of Lightning Talks (5-minutes each).

3:30pm        Shomik Raj Mehndiratta, Lead Urban Transport Specialist, WB – Key Questions and Knowledge Gaps in Digitizing                    Transport

3:40pm        Holly Krambeck, Senior Transport Specialist, WB – Open Data and Analytics in Transport (The Case of

3:45pm        Jung Eun Oh, Senior Transport Economist, WB – Open Data Opportunities in Urban Transport (Case of St.

3:50pm        Arturo Ardila, Lead Transport Economist, WB – ITS and Transport in China: the Next Generation

3:55pm        Edward Anderson, Senior ICT Policy Specialist, WB – Intro and Short Video on Drones in Tanzania

4:00pm        Raman Krishnan, Senior Information Officer, WB – Open Standards for Multi-Modal Integration: the Case of Rio

4:05pm        Camila Rodriguez, Senior Infrastructure Specialist, WB – Using Smart Cards for Pro-Poor Targeted Subsidies

4:15pm        Eun Joo Allison Yi, Senior Operations Officer, WB - Green Growth, ICT and Transport (Key lessons from GGTF-
                   funded projects) 

4:20pm        Discussion  
                   Discussant: Young-Jun Moon, Ph.D., Chief Director, KOTI
                   Discussant: Young Wook Park, Ph.D., SVP, Global Business Div., Korea Smart Card, Ltd.
                   Discussant: Uwe Deichmann, Co-Director, WDR 2016 “Internet and Development” (TBC)

5:15pm – 5:30pm        Closing Session       

5:15pm        Closing Remarks
                    Jose Luis Irigoyen, Director, Transport and ICT, WB
                    Changwoon LEE, President, KOTI 

Workshop Facilitator: Samia Melhem, Global Lead, Mainstreaming ICT, WB

4:10pm        Tatiana Peralta, Junior Professional Associate, WB – Mapping Cairo’s bus routes in a week