Girl in Nepal
Can Youth Employment Programs Work for Young Women? Findings from the Adolescent Girls Employment Initiative
March 27, 2014Washington, D.C.

The session will present the Adolescent Girls Employment Initiative (AGEI) in Nepal and discuss preliminary findings from the project’s impact evaluation. The Nepal Adolescent Girls Employment Initiative (AGEI) is a pilot project under the World Bank’s Adolescent Girls Initiative.

A Gender and Development Seminar Series Event

The AGEI project provided skills training and employment placement services to young Nepali women aged 16 to 24 within a nationwide youth employment program. The AGEI employed several innovative approaches to recruit and place over 4,000 young women trainees with the goal of increasing their employment and incomes. 

Did it work? A rigorous impact evaluation of the AGEI was designed to determine the program’s impact on young women’s employment and earnings.  The evaluation compares outcomes for young women to those of young men and older participants, providing new evidence on the relative impact of investing in young women. Preliminary estimates of one-year program impacts show positive and highly significant effects on employment outcomes. These impacts tended to be larger for women than for men, including young women aged 24 and under.


Jasmine Rajbhandary
Social Protection Specialist, SASSP

Shubha Chakravarty
Economist, AFTPM


Pablo Gottret

Sector Manager, SASSP


Lucia Hanmer

Lead Economist, Gender and Development

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