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Local Initiatives Support Program

Helping people help themselves

Citizen engagement practices, including participatory budgeting (PB), is a key component of the development agenda. In Russia, the Bank engagement in this area started in 2005 with a Local Initiatives Support Program (LISP). Starting from one region of Stavropol krai, today LISP is a nation-wide program that covers at least a quarter of Russia’s regions. Over ten thousand LISP participatory projects of high importance for local communities are implemented.  Over one million people participate in LISP activities annually.

Starting from 2016 a strong push was given to development of PB practices in Russia by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation through the implementation the program on strengthening participatory practices in Russia. Research proves that continuous implementation of PB promotes increase of people’s satisfaction with the quality of life in their place of residence and with the local self-governance and social services, raise of trust to the head of the settlement and improvement of the dialogue between the population and local authorities.


The World Bank in Russia contributes to the development of new PB practices.

  • First, in 2018 in the Sakhalin Region, the Citizen-Led Territorial Development Program (PORT) was launched with the assistance of the World Bank. This practice is based on the Portuguese PB experience but adapted for the region in accordance with its peculiarities and needs. PORT offers a new format for project proposals discussions among citizens and several levels of voting including region-wide vote via internet.
  • Second, the World Bank started to work on development of advanced PB practice for school students. Sakhalin is the first region who launched this practice in Russia. Teenagers propose ideas for the improvement of their school, jointly prepare project proposals with the cost estimates, vote for the projects within school and monitor their implementation. Such initiatives promote budget literacy among children, teach them to prioritize and protect their ideas, prepare youth to participate in other PB processes in the region.


" Russia has clearly achieved great success in the development of participatory practices in quite a short period. At the same time, it is important to continue learning and absorbing best international experience and share knowledge. We hope that Russian experience will contribute to the development of PB worldwide. Russia’s experience may become useful for the countries with the similar administrative and budget systems – countries of Western Europe and Central Asia. "

Andras Horvai

The World Bank Country Director for the Russian Federation

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