Genevieve Boyreau

Genevieve Boyreau

Program Leader for the South Caucasus countries, Europe and Central Asia

Genevieve Boyreau is the World Bank’s Program Leader in the South Caucasus, Europe and Central Asia region. Under the leadership of, the Regional Director, she leads the World Bank program on Economic policy and Poverty issues (Macroeconomic & Fiscal, Governance, Trade & Competitiveness, Finance & Markets, Poverty, Gender) in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. She is a Macroeconomist with a broad operational expertise, apt technical skills and rich client experience across various regions of the World Bank.

Prior to moving to the South Caucasus, Genevieve was leading the World Bank’s engagement in Bhutan as the Resident Representative and Senior Country Economist. Before she had held various positions, in the East Asia and Pacific region in middle and low income countries, and in the Headquarters at the corporate level.

Ms. Boyreau joined the World Bank through the Young Professionals Program. She holds a PhD. in Economics (Auvergne University, CERDI, France) and has published several papers including in the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), IMF and a World Bank Working Papers series.

Tel : +975-2-331775

  • Financial Sector
  • Poverty
  • Global Economy