US$140 Million Grant

The third additional financing for the ongoing Emergency Crisis Response Project. To address the immediate impact of the crisis.

Delivering Social Protection

Despite the violent conflict, the Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project continues to deliver services and cash to the poor.



Marina Wes

Country Director, Egypt, Yemen and Djibouti

Raja Bentaouet Kattan

Country Manager for Yemen

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Feb 06, 2019

The Mobility of Displaced Syrians: An Economic and Social Analysis

This report identifies key factors weighing on Syrian refugees contemplating a return home and analyzes how changing conditions in Syria might affect their decisions.

Nov 13, 2018

Expectations and Aspirations: A New Framework for Education in the Middle ...

The report outlines a new framework with a three-pronged approach. Unleashing education’s potential will require a ‘push’ for learning, a ‘pull’ for skills and a new ‘pact for education.

Oct 22, 2018

Yemen Economic Monitoring Brief - Fall 2018

Real GDP growth is estimated to have contracted by 6 percent in 2017, largely attributed to the reduction in the non-hydrocarbon output, which contracted by around 7 percent, although the decline of economic activity ...

Oct 03, 2018

Yemen's Economic Outlook - October 2018

If violence can be contained by late 2018, GDP is projected to begin to recover in 2019, with double-digit GDP growth. Inflation is like-ly to decline in such a case as supplies will increase.

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