THE WORLD BANK GROUP A World Free of Poverty

Africa Region Working Paper Series No. 37

Obstacles and Opportunities for Senegal's International Competitiveness:
Case Studies of the Peanut Oil, Fishing and Textile Industries

Stephen GOLUB and Ahmadou Aly MBAYE


Since the 1980s, Senegal has moved from a highly interventionist policy of import substitution industrialization towards a strategy based on private sector development and exports. The 1994 devaluation of the CFA franc and the accompanying structural reforms have had some positive effects, but there clearly remain profound obstacles to rapid growth of exports and investment.

We seek to better understand these obstacles through case studies of several sectors: groundnuts, fishing, and textiles clothing. Our conclusion is that further important structural changes in the roles of the state and private sector are necessary, in the areas of infrastructure, administrative simplicity and transparency, financial markets, and labor markets.

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