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Results Briefs April 28, 2011

Health Care Access for Women and Children in Argentina: $400 million in IBRD Sustainable Development Bonds Financing

Plan Nacer and Programa Sumar are initiatives to promote quality health coverage among the uninsured population. Both programs are from the Ministry of Health in Argentina with support of The World Bank

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Sustainable Investment Results by the World Bank Treasury

  • Purpose: To improve access to health care services among 10 million uninsured people expanding plan benefits to children, adolescents and women aged 20-64 who lack health insurance.
  • IBRD Financing: $400 Million
  • Expected Results: Expand coverage to 70% of the Argentine population that currently lacks medical insurance and who find it very difficult to access health care services (up from baseline of 7% who has access in 2010).

Development Challenge

The health sector in Argentina is highly fragmented with several public and private providers and sources of financing. In addition to horizontal fragmentation, Argentina’s public

health sector structure faces the challenge of establishing efficient institutional arrangements to provide quality services to the poor and uninsured, with limited data records of health services provided.

Project Description

The Sumarprogram builds on earlier Bank-supported healthcare projects under the NacerPlan and seeks to increase health care coverage among all children and women aged 20-64 who lack health insurance. It will also guarantee the financial sustainability of provincial health care programs; improve the results-based financing mechanism in order to achieve quality and equity goals; and strengthen the population’s right to access health care services. The new project includes the provision of basic maternal and children’s care, sexual health and reproductive health care services, as well as preventive and highly complex services, including surgery for congenital heart defects.

$400 million

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