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BRIEF April 9, 2019

Development Marketplace 2019: India - policing

Engendering policing: Evaluating reforms to increase women’s access to security and justice

World Bank Vice President for South Asia Hartwig Schafer presents 2019 Development Marketplace award to Suddhasatwa Bhattacharya, India Photo: World Bank / Grant Ellis


Project Summary:

India has low rates of reporting of gender-based violence crimes, and low citizen trust in the police. This not only directly reduces women’s welfare but affects their social, educational, and employment decisions. Responses include a number of high-profile policing interventions such as women-only police stations. These interventions have never been rigorously studied.

The Development Marketplace award will enable the researchers to evaluate whether gender-targeted policing through station-level Women’s Help Desks improves the accountability and responsiveness of frontline officers toward women victims of gender-based violence. This will examine whether Women's Help Desks increase women’s perceptions of safety and police approachability; whether they have an impact on crimes being registered and action taken; and how they affect women’s social, educational, and economic decision-making and participation in the public sphere.

Project Team: 

Sandip SukhtankarGabrielle Kruks-Wisner, Akshay Mangla