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VideoSeptember 9, 2019

6th Urbanization and Poverty Reduction Research Conference | Session 3: People, Accessibility and Social Outcomes in Cities

On September 9, 2019, the 6th Urbanization and Poverty Reduction Conference brought together academics and development practitioners to present and discuss questions relating to People, Markets, and Cities. Session 2 focused on "People, Accessibility and Social Outcomes in Cities" and included Matthew Kahn (Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Economics and Business at Johns Hopkins University, Director of the 21st Century Cities Initiative), Nick Tsivanidis (Assistant Professor of Real Estate and Economics, UC-Berkeley, Co-Director of the Cities Research Program at the International Growth Centre), Alex Rothenberg (Assistant Professor of Economics, Syracuse University), Tatiana Gallego Lizon (Division Chief for Housing and Urban Development, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Sector, Inter-American Development Bank), and Leah Brooks (Associate Professor of Economics, George Washington UniversityDirector, Center for Washington Area Studies).