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Bosnia and Herzegovina to Modernize Land Administration with World Bank Support

WASHINGTON, May 15, 2024—The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) will modernize and enhance the accuracy and accessibility of its land administration data, through a EUR 23.10 million World Bank loan approved today for the Geospatial Infrastructure and Valuation Enhancement (GIVE) Project.

GIVE aims to address key challenges in land administration in FBiH by focusing on three main objectives: (i) establishing spatial data infrastructure, (ii) developing building registers, and (iii) refining real estate valuation methodologies. These efforts will boost the interoperability of key geospatial datasets and harmonize land records, which will contribute to a better business environment, data-driven urban planning policy, and improved seismic and climate-related risk assessments—all essential for building a more sustainable, resilient future for the country’s people.

“This project represents the continuation of a successful partnership between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the World Bank in addressing land management challenges. Over the years, past and ongoing World Bank-supported land registration projects, have benefited almost two million citizens with over 2.5 million land parcels now accurately recorded”, said Christopher Sheldon, World Bank Country Manager for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. However, challenges persist, particularly in property valuation, highlighting the need for continued collaboration and innovation to ensure a fair, transparent, and efficient land administration system that drives growth and prosperity.”

GIVE will also focus on empowering decision-makers by fostering collaboration among ministries and agencies at the local, cantonal and entity levels. This will be achieved through enhanced data accessibility and capacity-building initiatives that can help optimize public service delivery, improve disaster management, and inform urban planning across FBiH.

This initiative aligns closely with the World Bank Group’s strategy for Bosnia and Herzegovina, focusing on increasing private sector growth and improving public service delivery. It also complements the country’s Economic Reform Program and supports alignment with EU policies and regulations such as the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) Directive.



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