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World Bank Announces Roma Sounding Board Membership

June 20, 2017

BUCHAREST, June 20, 2017 - The World Bank Office in Romania announced the newly-selected members of the Roma Sounding Board (RSB) – a platform of civil society organizations (CSOs) dedicated to informing World Bank engagement on Roma-specific issues.

The RSB brings together the Civil Society Organizations with specific expertise in the area of social and economic inclusion of Roma, to provide a platform for dialogue with key stakeholders working on this issue. The RSB will identify the areas for increased policy attention and propose potential solutions to address issues of exclusion and marginalization of Roma. It will also support improved knowledge sharing and dissemination of best practices, and engage with communities and key actors to create partnerships around Roma inclusion.

Following a competitive application process that aimed to promote geographic representation and diversity of experience, the following organizations have been selected to sit on the Roma Sounding Board:

National-level non-governmental organizations:

1)    Asociaţia (Association) „Împreună”

2)    Asociaţia (Association) Amare Rromentza

3)    Asociaţia (Association) E-romnja

4)    Policy Center for Roma and Minorities

5)    Asociaţia (Association) Sastipen

6)    Romania CRISS

Pro-Roma non-governmental organizations:

7)    Roma Education Fund

8)    Resource Center for Roma Communities

Regional-level non-governmental organizations:

Center region

9)    Pakiv Romania

North-east region

10)  Agenţia pentru dezvoltare comunitară inter-activă (Agency for inter-active community development)

South-east region

11)  Asociaţia (Association) DANROM Făurei

South Muntenia region

12)  Asociaţia (Association) CRISS

North-west region

13)  Asociaţia (Association) Nevo Parudimos

This activity is part of the World Bank’s strategic engagement on social inclusion as defined in the 2014-2017 Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) for Romania. The CPS aims to help reduce poverty in Romania and foster sustainable income growth for the bottom 40 percent of the population. Recent estimates show that there are between 1,200,000 and 2,500,000 Roma in Romania. Despite progress with the socio-economic inclusion agenda in recent years, a large share of the Romanian Roma population remains poor and excluded from full participation in Romania’s social and economic life. There is an increasing understanding that solutions for better interventions hinge on customized approaches and improved community involvement.


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