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Tracking the Impact of the Pandemic with the COVID-19 Household Monitoring Dashboard

July 14, 2021



Opening title slide of a presentation used during the workshop
VIDEO Jul 14, 2021

COVID-19 Household Monitoring Dashboard Workshop

  • The COVID-19 Household Monitoring Dashboard was built to track the impact of the pandemic on households in all developing regions. Leveraging data from high-frequency phone surveys, the dashboard provides nationally representative data on over a dozen key socioeconomic indicators.

    In this webinar, participants had a chance to (i) master the dashboard through ‘hands-on’, interactive, exercises, (ii) understand the value of harmonized high-frequency phone survey data, and (iii) learn how both can be used to inform policymaking, projects, and research on the impact of COVID-19.

    Stay tuned for live offerings of this webinar in the future.