BRIEF March 13, 2018

Kenya's Devolution


Makueni County: Mapping of county development projects gives citizens a big picture view.

Photo: World Bank

The Kenya Accountable Devolution Program (KADP) works with government at both county and national levels. The program addresses key capacity gaps to make devolution respond to citizens’ needs through strengthened institutions, improved service delivery and citizen engagement. KADP is a World Bank-managed Trust Fund with funding from the governments of Denmark, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union.

The program provides high quality, timely analytical and technical support, and pilots innovative approaches. By solving national and county level problems impacting on service and infrastructure delivery, KADP is uniquely positioned to leverage broader devolution programs. Within the World Bank, the program specifically operates alongside the complementary Kenya Devolution Support Program (KDSP), whose objective is to strengthen capacity of core national and county institutions. KADP also supports other sectoral programs. It comprises of six components, each drawing from thematic expertise within the World Bank Group.



Helene Carlsson Rex