Research & Policy Briefs and Blogs

September 1, 2016


Research & Policy Briefs

The research & policy briefs are designed to be a bridge between formal scholarship and development policy and practice. They seek to summarize the key findings of recent formal research on a relevant topic and, on this basis, explore the implications for policy and social debate. This may include a discussion on how policies could be more effectively implemented and assessed, taking into account a country’s particular context.





Affiliation  Title
11 Nov 2017 Facundo Abraham,
Sergio L. Schmukler
World Bank Are Public Credit Guarantees Worth the Hype?
10 Oct 2017 Facundo Abraham,
Sergio L. Schmukler
World Bank A New Role for Development Banks?
9 Oct 2017 Facundo Abraham,
Sergio L. Schmukler
World Bank Addressing the SME Finance Problem
8 Jul 2017 Michael Woolcock World Bank

Enhancing the Quality of Public Service Delivery: Insights from Recent Research

7 May 2017 Lay Lian Chuah,
Norman Loayza
World Bank Open Data: Differences and Implications across Countries
6 Mar 2017 Sharmila Devadas World Bank Threat or Help? The Effects of Unskilled Immigrant Workers on National Productivity Growth
5 Jan 2017 Fabian Mendez-Ramos,
Nina Paustian
World Bank Measurement and Patterns of World Agribusiness Trade
4 Oct 2016 Norman Loayza,
Fabian Mendez-Ramos
World Bank Should We Fear Foreign Exchange Depreciation?
3 Aug 2016 Young Eun Kim, Norman Loayza, Claudia Meza-Cuadra World Bank     Productivity as a Key to Economic Growth and Development
2 Mar 2016 Raian Divanbeigi, Nina Paustian, Norman Loayza World Bank Structural Transformation of the Agricultural Sector: a Primer
1 Mar 2016 Greg Larson, Norman Loayza, Michael Woolcock World Bank The Middle-Income Trap: Myth or Reality?


Blogs, aimed at a wide audience, are used to communicate the main messages and outcomes from research and to discuss topical areas of current debate.



Jun 29, 2017 Norman Loayza Industrial Policies Versus Public Goods to Spur Growth
May 24, 2017 Sharmila Devadas Should a Country Limit Unskilled Immigrant Workers to Safeguard National Productivity Growth?
May 2, 2017 Ruth Llovet Montanes, with Tatiana Didier and Sergio L. Schmukler Asia’s Financial Connections with the Rest of the World: Changing Patterns
Feb 23, 2017 Fabian Mendez Ramos, with Nina Paustian Agribusiness Trade as a Pillar of Development: Measurement and Patterns
Jul 25, 2016 Norman Loayza How to Defeat Terrorism: Intelligence, Integration and Development
Jul 20, 2016 World Bank 
Feature Story
New Study Reveals the Complexity of the Informal Sector
Jul 20, 2016 Michael Woolcock Using Case Studies to Explore and Explain Complex Interventions
Jun 2, 2016 Norman Loayza, with Jamele Rigolini Do Local Communities Benefit from Mining?
May 26, 2016 Michael Woolcock Policy-Practice Mismatches: Insights from Indigenous Affairs
Dec 22, 2015 Michael Woolcock Beyond the Quest for "Policy Implications": Alternative Options for Applied Development Researchers